House Facts Report

Get a Free House Facts Report if you are being represented by our agency when buying a property.

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House Facts Realty educates the buyers of potential issues with the houses they are looking to purchase and eventually call a home. This information is put into a user-friendly report. In some cases House Facts Realty will even provide any calls for service by local law enforcement associated with any particular property.


You must notify us in writing that you want a House Facts Report either before you make an offer on a property or within your inspection period in order for House Facts Realty to run and acquire a report.  House Facts Realty will not automatically pull any reports unless we are given prior written notice from our client(s).  These reports are acquired through third party vendors who gather information from multiple public record sources.  House Facts Realty will not assume responsibility or be held liable for the accuracy and/or information contained within these reports.  House Facts Realty still recommends that each consumer do their own due diligence and speak to property neighbors before they decide to move forward with the purchase of that said property.